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Buy With Us: Same Cost, Better Service

Under new federal law, people without employer-provided health insurance are now able to shop for plans through online “exchanges” instead of buying coverage directly from individual insurance providers through a program called NY State of Health (NYSOH) exchange.

The NY State of Health exchange offers hundreds of plans, a seemingly overwhelming array of choices. How do you know which plan will best meet your needs? How do you know if you qualify for a government subsidy? If you buy the wrong plan for your situation, you could end up with high out-of-pocket costs you can’t afford.

The Wladis Companies, Inc. can help. As your broker and advocate, we can navigate the dizzying number of options and find a plan that suits both your financial and health care needs.

It Pays to Buy Through The Wladis Companies, Inc.

Your plan will cost the same whether you buy it directly through the NY State of Health exchange or through The Wladis Companies, Inc. But we provide the expertise to help you choose the right plan and comprehensive customer service once you’re enrolled.

When you buy through The Wladis Companies, Inc. you:

  • Receive extra services and support at no extra cost
  • Avoid the frustration and confusion of researching hundreds of plans
  • Better understand what each plan offers and find one that meets your needs
  • Determine if you qualify for government subsidies on premiums
  • Get help completing enrollment paperwork
  • Receive free, comprehensive customer service, including:
    • Consultations, plan reviews and plan management
    • Help resolving claim and billing issues
    • Toll-free number to call with problems or questions



Let’s Get Started

To speak with The Wladis Companies, Inc. about individual health insurance, please call us at (800) 724-0124 or fill out the form below. One of our service representatives will contact you.