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What are the advantages of working with The Wladis Companies, Inc.?

As an insurance broker, The Wladis Companies, Inc. has established relationships with all the major carriers, and we can identify the best options for you and your employees. We manage annual enrollment, conduct day-to-day plan management with our dedicated service staff, and provide the added value of HR and compliance support. And, there is no additional cost to you for any of these services.

Won’t I pay more if I use The Wladis Companies, Inc.?

No. In New York, a broker commission is included in most health insurance premiums. You’ll pay the same price whether you use a broker or not, so it’s only logical to take advantage of all the extra services we provide.  With a service-to-sales staff ratio of 5-1, The Wladis Companies, Inc. offers a level of customer service unmatched in our industry.

I got a lower quote from another broker. Can you match it?

Premiums for a specific plan are the same, no matter who you buy it from. When you receive a different price, it means you are being offered a different plan. Deductibles or copayments might be higher, or coverage may be less comprehensive, for example. You’ll pay the same price for the same plan with The Wladis Companies, Inc.; but you’ll get the added advantage of superior customer service from the first day we meet, through the enrollment process, to the day-to-day management of your plan.

I only have 3 employees. Can you help me get an affordable product?

The Wladis Companies, Inc. serves employers of all sizes. Whether you have 2 employees or 2,000, we provide the same comprehensive benefits review, enrollment support, customer service, and ongoing plan management.

How do I know which plan is best for my company?

We will analyze your budget and the level of coverage you want to provide for your employees. We will assess your existing plans and how they are used. We will look at benchmarks for similar companies. Then we use all this data to identify plans that meet your employees’ needs and your bottom line. We have also developed a customized software program, which helps us identify specific needs based on your criteria and simplifies the renewal process. Short answer: Call us. We will help you figure it out.

How do I get all of my employees enrolled in a plan?

The Wladis Companies, Inc. takes care of that for you. We hold open enrollment meetings for your employees every year to help them pick the right plan and explain how their coverage works. We process enrollment materials online to get coverage for you employees as soon as possible.

What if my employees have problems with a bill or claim?

We give all employees a Quick Connection Card with our toll-free number. They can call us directly anytime with a question or problem and we’ll help them resolve it. Your employees will have a dedicated service team of at least three representatives; this creates a reliable and trusting relationship and provides a level of anonymity when discussing personal health issues that they wouldn’t have with a member of your company’s HR staff.

What happens when an employee leaves the company?

Just call us, and we will take over all of the legal and managerial responsibilities of transferring your former employees to COBRA coverage.

How do I keep track of government compliance requirements?

If you are our client, we are your advocate, and part of that includes helping you stay on top of filing dates and deadlines for distributing information to employees. Keeping track of legal requirements can be overwhelming and labor intensive, and with the new federal health care law taking effect, it is more complex than ever. But when you are a client of The Wladis Companies, Inc., we’ll help make sure you never miss a deadline.

Our needs have changed. I’d like to look at new plan options. What do I do?

Just call us at (800) 724-0124. If you are our client, we are your advocate. We’re here to help.